Project "Studio/Office Renewal"

These past few months I've been toying with a new vision for my studio/office.

My creative space was furnished over 10 years ago based on inspiration words like "crisp", "cool" and "icy." Today I'm more inspired by words like "warm", "earthy" and "textured." 

It became evident that my outer, physical space no longer matched my inner one.

Enter project "Studio/Office Renewal."

This past weekend, after months of pinning images and piecing together a vision of what a nurturing, inspiring and welcoming creative space would look like, I made a few changes that are fitting the bill There's still a lot to be done, but ooooh how good it feels to see a vision transformed into reality! I am VERY pleased.

I leave you with a few glimpses of what is becoming...

In an effort to visually streamline my surroundings I splurged on a cube shelf to gather stuff that was either delicately balanced on a tiny bookshelf along the closet wall or piled on the floor in front of it. Even with full shelves this setup looks and feels much better. The practical me thought I should choose white shelves, but the green ones brought me joy. So green.

I replaced my dark blue art table with this new glossy white one. Shiny!

The cushion was an impulse buy, its colours and textures spoke to me and captured parts of my vision for my renewed space. The chair was brought up from the basement and looks perfect there, welcoming. The print above the chair is a favourite digital piece of mine that also inspired the new colour palette. I like how it's displayed simply, yet stands out.

Vibrant green kept coming up as a key part of my desired palette. Based on the Ikea website I thought I'd have to get this drawer cabinet in silver or red, but lo & behold when I got to the store I discovered that they carried it in just the perfect hue! Sometimes things work out like that. To the right of the cabinet I hung up a cheap clipboard I picked up at the dollar store last month, I thought it would be a great way to rotate and display some of the art cards, quotes and prints I love but have stuffed in drawers. Currently on display: a postcard featuring a drawing by Tamara de Lempicka.