Welcome September, Goodbye August

Dear September,

You might be my favourite month of all. Your cool nights and warm days, golden-hued fields and overflowing farm stands bring me joy. Your energy makes me happy.

Time off from the office, new adventures in learning and a weekend getaway to the woods await.

I open to your unfolding and welcome your sweet embrace.





Dearest August,

You were an experiment during which I practiced trust in the unfolding of things. It wasn't easy. I like to control.

But you did not disappoint.

You led me to walks in the woods with D., to a surprise field of sunflowers and a sunset by the river. You led me to family, to celebration of a life well lived and the sadness that comes with the passing of someone who's dear. You led me to rest and to a most delightful re-discovery of The Waltons. You led me to a renewed sense of possibility on the one hand and to the recognition of my limits on the other. You led me to self-awareness and self-care.

I salute you.

With gratitude,