Lessons From The Garden (or, When did I stop believing?)

Do you remember when you were in grade school and the class planted seeds in tin cans to see what would happen? Every day you watered and checked your can to see if anything was coming up and every day you returned to your seat disappointed until that ONE day. That ONE day you saw that wee bit of green break the earth.

Remember how excited you were?

Yeah that's how I felt when I saw this beauty in the garden today:

She's a beaut, isn't she?

A little more than a week ago I planted an entire packet of Moonflower seeds hoping that one or two - maybe even three - might pop up. I was doubtful.

I counted ten coming up so far.

When did I stop believing?

When did I lose faith?

Look at this one pushing through! YEAH!

I've been so busy buying nursery plants well advanced in their growth, impatient and in a hurry to fill up my empty flowerbeds, that I completely forgot about the awe and wonder that comes with watching a seed gently dropped into the ground a few weeks earlier break the surface of the earth for the first time.

So much symbolism in this one tiny happening. So. many. lessons to be gleaned.

Patience, trust, faith.


In the garden and everywhere else.