Art Deco

Art in the Making: Journey of a Ballroom Couple (Inspired by Art Deco)

About a month ago I completed a piece that's become a favourite, depicting a dapper young couple. It started out with random marks that later became figures inspired by the Art Deco illustrations I so love.

I offer you a glimpse into its journey to completion...  

Ballroom Couple Beginning (or, Random Mark Making)

Random marks. I loved these marks; my marks are usually subdued, but not these ones. I went bold! 

Art Deco Gal WIP

But then I promptly subdued the marks and turned them into Art Deco Gal in progress - solo .

Ballroom Couple - WIP 1

Art Deco Gal gets a partner.

Ballroom Couple - Inspired by Art Deco

Finally, after a few art sessions playing with proportions, edges and background colours, I declared it complete. I'm not sure what their story is yet, but they look like they're about to work the ballroom dance circuit, don't you think?

acrylics, charcoal and pastels on watercolour paper

24"h x 18"w