Core beliefs

Work Transition Checkpoint: 11 & 1/2 Months In (In Which I Discover a Limiting Core Belief)

The other day I caught myself smack dab in the middle of a limiting core belief. When chatting with my sister about how I'd successfully used one of my productivity tips back at the office (I'm back three days a week after a year away), I exclaimed "Yeah, isn't it cool that it works in the real world too?"

Um, real world?


All this time, during my work transition, it seems I still held a belief that a 9-5 job was the real world, which means that the opposite, the soul-supporting work I'm trying to create, must be the unreal - or dream - world.

I dug deeper and realized that I carry negative connotations for both:

real world = practical, pragmatic, soul-sapping, not fun, paying my dues, grind, responsible, fulfilling an obligation, struggle, weighty, the only viable option...

dream world = flighty, irresponsible, unrealistic, a passing phase, unfounded, unsustainable, escape, narcissistic, money is no object - nor is it necessary, free pass, temporary...


I am so ready to let go of that.

I came up with another kind of world that might serve me better:

true world = grounded, intuitive, self-sustaining (including financially), soul-supporting, aware, believing in possibility AND responsibility (not either/or), taking action, introspective, fostering growth through challenge, ease and flow, dreaming big, understanding my current circumstances, stretching out of my comfort zone, being present, making choices that feel right, contribution...

I could go on.

Mm. Yes, I suspect I'll like living in a true world much better.

The journey continues...


When you hear the term real world, what comes to mind? What about dream world?

What would a true world look like for you?