December Views

December Views Week 3 & a Bit - Part I

Has it only been a week and a half since my last December Views post? There are so many images to share! I've been a little clicker happy so it'll be a two-part post. Voici, Part I:

a colourful haphazard pianoscape in the dining room

off to New Brunswick for Christmas, it was a windshield-washer kind of a day

Day 2 on the road, much better driving weather!

Christmas morning cast-offs

I'm not a very religious person, but I was fascinated with this colourful

backlit Jesus at my aunt's place.

my cousin's top hat topper to her 9' Christmas tree - the hat was her father's, love it!

Shelby soaking in the sun, she's the cutest Great Dane I've every seen

Stay tuned for Part 2...

December Views Week 2

Without planning it, last week's December Views included a lot of colour. This week I seemed to gravitate toward warmth and light...

I love how the sun hits this corner of my office/studio in the afternoon
(Buddha pic is by Girl Seeking Grace and The Three Graces in the back by Lisa Occhipinti)

more sunlight on my girly lampshade

Cassie basking in the afternoon sunlight, she keeps me warm with snuggles

daytime candlelight offers a warm presence while I work on my creative projects

candles and twinkle lights bring evening warmth to a favourite corner of my home

winter twinkle in the office/studio illuminates a favourite painting and Buddha