Homage to Rosie, our 38 year-old Electrolux

It's the end of era. Rosie, the 38 year-old Electrolux vacuum I inherited from my grandfather, is no longer with us.

Questionable rumbling and grinding of the engine meant it was time to trade her in for a glossy new model. Her 1970's tan wheels will roam the halls no more, she's sucked up her last dustbunny.

After 38 years of service I think she deserves an homage...

sporting her brand new hose, the one we bought about a month ago (sigh)

the dial, I never knew what it did

another shot with the new hose

Wouldn't you love an area rug that colour? I so would.

she was even made in Canada

They just don't make 'em like you anymore Rosie. Well done my dear, well done.