Insects of Ontario

Photo Pause: Fascinated With Insects

Note: Photography is a path to mindfulness for me, a meditative and grounding practice that prompts me to slow down and notice the world around me. May these images offer you a space to pause, a respite in your perhaps busy day, and a reminder to take a moment now & then and notice what's going on in the world around you.


I'm not normally a HUGE fan of insects, but some of them are quite beautiful or at the very least, fascinating (note: except if they're in my house, I may not be as enamoured if they're in my house).

It's a world we often overlook due to our daily pace, but if we take the time to slow down there's a lot to be noticed.

All of these were snapped with my point & shoot.

For your enjoyment...

Edit: I've since found out that the photo above is a type of non-stinging wasp. I had no clue!