Pauline Agnew

Draw and Paint What You Love Part 2

I am sinking into art and loving it. 

I am expanding my artistic comfort zone, discovering new-to-me tools and artists that are bringing an entirely new creative energy to my usual mix.

I'm two weeks into Pauline Agnew's Draw and Paint What You Love, Part 2. In case you missed it, earlier this year Part 1 had me busting through artistic comfort zones and producing art I never thought I'd be capable of producing.

This second e-course is proving to be just as transformative as the first one, opening me to yet new creative possibility.

Here's a glimpse of what I've been doing so far:

DAPWYL2 Mark Making

I made marks to the sound of jazz. It made my soul sing. 

DAPWYL2 Sketching

I sketched something from my studio. I resisted this and found it frustrating, which probably means I should practice it more. 

Cassie (Work in Progress)

I learned new techniques that led me to painting a photo of Cassie I'd been wanting to paint for a while. She's still a work in progress (I think); I still can't believe I even got this far!

Untitled (Digital Art)

Then, through Pauline's lessons, I explored technology and how it could help me in my art.

Untitled (Digital Art)

In the process I discovered that I LOVE making digital art. I'm hooked!

Untitled (Digital Art)

More digital imagery, the possibilities are endless. 


I am learning a LOT and frankly I'm a wee bit overstimulated. But that's OK, I can take it.

For more information on Pauline's e-courses, check out her website. I highly recommend them.

Frida in the Making

Some pieces we produce are special, this is one of them. 

I resisted this exercise from my art class with every fiber of my being, perfecting the art of procrastination even more than I thought possible. Though I'd tried before (and never finished), painting Frida Kahlo was way too intimidating.

When I finally marched to the art table and started, I hit a SNAFU with the materials. Determined to push through my anxiety, I started over. Luckily it was early on in the process.

I am so happy I pushed through. 

I am thrilled to bits with the results, unimaginable to me before this course.

Here are a few shots of her progression... 

Frida in the Making #1
Frida in the Making #2
Frida in the Making #3
Frida in the Making #4
Frida in the Making #5

Frida (18"x24", acrylics, charcoal and soft pastels on watercolour paper)


Pauline Agnew, the teacher of this art class, will be hosting an open studio on Facebook next weekend where she'll showcase all the amazing work produced by the group and offer samples of her teachings. She has a great energy that's palpable even virtually! Her last open studio is what convinced me to sign up for her class in the first place. Check it out.