Symbolism; Nature

A Snail's Tale

"The snail is a symbol meaning the protection of providence, deliberation and perseverance. The snail represents one who has steady footing and stability. The spiral of the snail's shell is a symbol of evolution, expansion, mystery and changing cycles. On the other hand, snails can be viewed as slow-moving and lazy."

~ from Living Arts Originals

This morning I walked in the mist and as each drop landed on my skin I felt my senses awaken to the world around me.

I noticed the sunset orange moths lounging on the wildflowers, the sound of the wind weaving through a clump of tall grass and I even noticed the poor little field mouse that met what looked like an unfortunate demise. And I bowed my head in silence to it all.

But what entranced me the most during my outing was a snail. A foot or two off the paved edge of the path, it caught my eye as it inched its way toward the tall field grass. I crouched and watched it for a about five minutes, taking in its unhurried, patient and smooth movements.

It didn't seem to mind that it was slow. Nor did it seem to mind that it was dragging a weighty shell on its back.

It just trekked on, unfurling and twitching its antennas from side to side, as if to scout out the next appropriate step on its journey. Then it took it.

I love it when the Universe sends me gems like that.