Permission to Expand

These past several months I’ve been thinking about this virtual space, specifically, about how it can support my ever-evolving Creative Living Experiment.

Four years ago (where did THAT time go?!), when I set out to leave my 9-5 job and create a more meaningful way of bringing in revenue, this blog became a platform of sorts for that. I focused on productivity, planning and my art: Stephanie Guimond – Artist, Visionary, Avid Left-Brainer.

Though I still “fit” in that title, it feels a little snug these days. Life has changed since 2011 and I’ve changed, which means some of the subjects I’m exploring have changed too.

There's a reason I changed my tag line a while back. Less labels = less constricting.

There's a reason I changed my tag line a while back. Less labels = less constricting.

It's time to expand.

Of course I've been resisting this, making up stories about how changes to the blog will alienate those who read what few posts I've posted these past few years, or how changing my "brand" may become confusing. Um, what brand? I cried uncle on this particular work transition nearly two years ago! And voici, another loud and nagging story: if I focus less on art here, no doubt it means that I'm done as an artist and that I may as well toss my brushes out with the paint water.


It's amazing the stories we make up, isn't it?

I acknowledge these stories for what they are: irrational, most likely normal, fears about expanding into something that's potentially uncomfortable.

Now that that's out of the way, I will give myself permission to move right on through them and adjust the mold I've created for myself to match what calls my spirit today.

Though I’m still passionate about productivity, planning and art, I want to go back to writing about other things too, like I did before I set out on my work transition. I want to explore subjects like beauty, stillness, books, growth, forward movement, nature, hearth & home, roots, space, clarity, joy, meaning, awareness, alignment and everyday wonder.

So I will, dagnabbit, I will.

And as for you, dearest, if the mold you've created for yourself feels snug today, if your spirit is being called to expand, I hope you will give yourself permission to say YES and explore with me, too.

Scoutie Girl Contributions - May to September, 2014

This July marked two years writing for Scoutie Girl. I started out with bi-weekly submissions and at one point brought it down to monthly contributions. Most times, selfishly I suppose, I write exactly what I need to hear.

Here are my five most recent posts:

How to Survive the Cubicle When You'd Rather Be in the Studio Making Stuff  Sometimes, as creatives, our day jobs leave us feeling like we lead a double life: office vs. studio, left vs. right, gray vs. color. These seven tips have helped me counter my cubicle woes and make my time at the office a little more palatable when really, I'd much rather be in the studio. Because, well, who wouldn't rather be in the studio?

Six Practices to Help Quiet the Mind  There are many paths to stillness of the mind and with every practice I learn more about what works for me and what doesn’t. Should you feel a need to slow down and create quiet in your heart and mind, one of these practices may be a good place to start.

Fill Your Spaces With the Right Content By Learning to Sit With the Unresolved  Sometimes sitting with empty or unresolved spaces - both literally and figuratively - is the best way to make sure we fill them with the right things.

5 Ways You're Creative Even When You Think You're Not  Maybe you think you're not creative because you "couldn't draw a stick figure even if you tried", but I'd counter that you are. Creativity comes in many forms that don't involve using a pencil!

Three Practices to Help Navigate Transition  It’s not always easy to navigate that space between where you’ve let go of something old, but aren’t quite sure what form the new will take yet. These three practices have helped me move through transition periods in the past and still do today.