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The Creative Living Experiment Mailing List: Deepening the Conversation

I thought I'd give you a glimpse into the type of stuff I send out to my mailing list. I do send out news and updates, yes, but one of my main goals is to deepen the conversations I start here on the blog and get folks thinking.

If this type of thing interests you I invite you to join in. I'd love to have you with us!

The mailout below, titled Powerful Tools: 5-Day Challenge and the 15-Minute Sprint, was sent out a few months ago.


Awesome You, are you up to the challenge?

[Less talky, go straight to the challenge!]

Last week on my blog, I wrote about my latest 5-day painting challenge. It's a tool I've used before when my painting practice takes a back seat for too long: I challenge myself to show up at the art table and paint five days in a row. It doesn't matter for how long and it doesn't matter if I finish anything, the goal is to show up and paint. That's it.

The great thing about the 5-Day Challenge is that it doesn't have to be limited to painting.

What if you challenged yourself to five days of healthy eating? Or how about five days of decluttering? Or one less late-night TV show in exchange for an extra hour of sleep?

Five days is VERY DOABLE.

BONUS tool: The 15-Minute Sprint

If you feel too pressed for time, try adding the 15-Minute Sprint to your toolkit: five days in a row, spend 15 minutes doing x every day (where x = writing, decluttering, organizing your finances, researching recipes for home-cooked meals, the list could go on...).

It's astonishing what you can achieve with just 15 focused minutes. It gets. things. done.

So here's my challenge to you:

  1. Find a specific task or an area of your life where you would like to see progress.
  2. Pledge to dedicate at least fifteen focused minutes five days in a row working on it and follow through.
  3. Bask in your sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.
You'll be amazed at the difference five days can make.

Warm wishes,


PS – Let me know how it goes. You know I wanna know!




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