A Wonderfully Full Life

feels like jazz

(acrylics, 16x20 on canvas)

A few weeks ago I declared my intention to slow down for the fall and reduce the number of to-dos on my list.

Silly, naïve me.

You wanna know what though? I don't seem to mind. It's as if by giving myself permission to reduce the to-dos, all of a sudden the pressure is off and they're not so bad!

I'm involved in many creative projects including a solo art show coming up in November (vernissage is in two weeks!) and organizing a group show for the Winter Solstice come December. I have new originals hanging up at my hair salon and new prints to go with them. I'm taking an abstract painting class.

I'm spending time with D., family and friends. I'm writing my morning pages, albeit not every morning. I'm working on financial goals and plans to align outside circumstances with internal values.

My only regret is a decision to delay the opening of my Etsy shop originally scheduled for this month, but even then I feel solid in my decision so there's no beating myself up.

Through all of this I am learning and loving and stretching and creating and living.

Yup, life is full. Creatively full. Wonderfully full.