Autumn Intentions

oak leaf - the product of an artistic moment at the office

Inspired by Meghan's post at her oh-so-soothing space {with} PRACTICE, I decided to list some intentions for the upcoming months. Different than to-dos (I'm really good at those), it took a few tries but managed to come up with something I like.

This autumn I intend to:

  • slow down
  • get outside
  • hang with D. and Cassie
  • cook comforting meals
  • preserve food
  • read
  • make art
  • see art
  • sell art
  • be still and seek insight within
  • follow through with integrity
  • sip coffee
  • clean house (literally)
  • visit and connect with family, hold my seven month old niece and smother the top of her head with auntie kisses
  • keep focusing on aligning life and values

What are your intentions for the season? Tell me.