Thank you September, Hello October


silky puppy paws

Dear September,

You were full: travel, family, celebration, reflection, expansion, growth, sadness, death, healing, roots, music, love, art, friendship, joy, nature, community, trust, fear, discovery, admission, surrender, laughter, transformation, dissatisfaction, fatigue, worry, comfort, baby smell, big paintings, accomplishments, frustration and hope.

I thank you for such an intensity of life. It was quite the gamut of being human and I am grateful for the privilege.





Dear October,

September kicked my ass.

I embrace your clean slate. Please help me let go of the to-dos that didn't get done in September, and while I'm at it, maybe those I have planned for this month too? I know there are emails to answer, blog posts to write and an online shop to open, but they'll just have to wait because there's homemade soup to be simmered, afternoon walks to be taken and a dog to snuggle.

I feel spent. It's time to replenish. I look forward to your continued support.

Much love,