Squam Art Workshops Day 3: Bloom True

work in progress, acrylics on 30"x30" canvas

I left the rest of the clutter in the picture to give you an idea of scale

Workshop: Bloom True

Teacher: Flora Bowley

Key materials: 30"x30" canvases, acrylic paints, sponge brushes (the little black ones with wooden handles from the hardware store), a willingness to get out of your head and paint freely

urban reflections, acrylics on 30"x30" canvas

again, I left the rest of the clutter in the photo to give an idea of scale

What I learned: I can paint big canvases, quickly; I freak out just a little bit when there's too much colour and action going on on the canvas and I have no idea where it's going; how to harness a particular portion of a work in progress that I like (for example, fortuitous colour combinations or shapes) and build on that as a next step; I really enjoy intuitive painting; I looooovvvve Golden's Light Ultramarine Blue and Turquois (Phthalo); when I really let go cool things can happen


For each of her workshops, Flora had her students bring their work outside and lean it against trees or rocks or buildings to dry and display. Walking amongst the paintings was like walking in a magical forest of colour and art. I felt my anticipation for this class building up as of Thursday lunchtime and tried hard to keep it in check, but it did not disappoint.

This was Saturday's half-day workshop, what we produced we produced in three hours. The entire vibe was cool & loose & fun and the results around the room were incredible. It was a perfect release after such an intense Friday.

If ever you have a chance to take a class with this woman do it. Your creative soul will thank you.


I'm toying with a recap or wrap-up post on my S.A.W. 2010 experience. Stay tuned...