Squam Art Workshops Day 2: Graceful Transitions

morning sky over Squam Lake

Workshop: Graceful Transitions

Teacher: Helene Finizio

Key materials: a notebook, a pen and an open mind (and heart!)

What I learned: there's a relatively new branch of psychology called "positive psychology" that - and this is my simplified interpretation - focuses on enhancing what works vs. fixing what doesn't; family, home and community play a major part in my reason for being and a call to love freely will drive many of my life decisions; I have trouble coming up with a list of things I love about myself; group energy can be very healing and powerful; it is humbling and a privilege to witness healing in others


I chose this session because of my last-minute decision to register. Had I registered early on I probably would've chosen something else, but at such a late date my initially preferred class was full. Turns out at the time of registration I was smack dab in the middle of a struggle involving a major life change so a workshop called Graceful Transitions naturally caught my eye.

Thank goodness for serendipitous chains of events.

This session with Helene and the group was intense and powerful - "like months of therapy in a day" I heard someone say.

Helene does what she does very. well.


Tomorrow, back to painting for Day 3...