Christmas Eve Ponderings and my Christmas Wish for You

I am blessed.

I've been weepy all day at the thought of all that is good and right, at the generosity of kind people, at the sight of an abundant Christmas Eve spread contributed by my colleagues and the sounds of their children's laughter through the hallways.

I've been waxing nostalgic at Christmases past and imagining, hoping Christmases to come.

I pray for those who are struggling this Christmas. May the Universe guide them through this time of year laden with social pressures to be cheerful. May they find peace and a quiet place to cry if they need to. May they find the courage to reach out for support when they need it. May they be overcome with joy - even if only for a moment.

I sit in silence. I live in laughter.

I am grateful for it all.

I wish you a peace-full, joy-full Christmas...




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