Micro-escape to Nature

There's a nature trail that runs behind the building in which I work most of the week. Only three weeks ago did I start taking advantage of it.

Inspired by a quest to lose weight and an effort to sustain the connection with nature I re-discovered during my trek to the East coast, I started going for 30-minute walks during my lunch hour. I target three walks a week, weather permitting.

After only three weeks it's become something I look forward to - a micro-escape that both energizes and calms.

Last week I brought along my trusty point & shoot to give you a glimpse into this world that I see for which I am grateful...

there's a fork in the trail that veers toward this barn,

a few years ago there were horses in a pen beside it that would come and greet you

a perfect August midday sky, don't you think?

wildflowers along the trail

this is my happy place, a pond that is teeming with life

it's where I saw a snake catch a frog, and a Belted Kingfisher circle the trees

this is a view of my happy place looking toward the other side of the trail,

someday I'd like to sit and meditate there