Simplicity for Complexity's Sake

an early morning gift of roadside/beachside daisies from D.

Cap-des-rosiers, Gaspésie, Quebec

I've been quiet here this month. It seems giving myself permission to simplify was just what the doctor ordered.

But just because I've been quiet doesn't mean there's nothing going on. My head is full and my soul is reaching, reaching.

I'm exploring and entertaining thoughts about stuff like trust, fear, roots, silence, gratitude, right work, nature, spirituality, practice, patience, compassion, surrender, money, control, values, worthiness and self-esteem.

I'm making decisions and taking many small actions towards creative projects: painting, ordering business cards, setting appointments, building an online shop, getting quotes from printers, scheduling drop-offs and pick-ups, researching mailers and shipping fees.

I'm feeling the near arrival of September and the sense of cocooning it brings, the craving for a clean, warm nest, for stocking up on produce for the winter, canning, wool blankets and golden afternoons in the woods.

I'm practicing openness to what the present has offer while trying to stave off a world of wishing and wanting. But wondering if the wishing and wanting is needed to move forward.

Quite frankly I'm tired!

And that's why I'm keeping it simple. 'Cause sometimes simple is necessary to allow the complex to work itself out.