What's in a Name? (or A Near-Manifesto)




The components

experiment: n a controlled procedure carried out to discover, test or demonstrate something; the practice of experiments

Experiments are forgiving. They can - depending on the level of control applied - imply a certain leniency, permission to try something, fail and learn from it. They're usually for a set period of time with defined goals and yet-to-be-proved outcomes. They're about discovery, study and reflection; progress, not perfection.

Experimenting with something can seem less intimidating than an all-or-nothing approach. It leaves a little breathing room when stepping into unfamiliar territory.

I like that.

life: n ...the physical and mental experiences of an individual; biography; the period of existence; manner of living...

I exist here, on earth, for a finite period of time. During this time I strive to align my physical and mental experiences with my values and priorities, trying to match the exterior to the interior. I believe building this congruence will lead to inner simplicity and an overall more peaceful, less chaotic existence.

I don't expect this to be easy, I just think the potential results are worth a shot.

create: vb to bring into being; cause to exist; make, produce...

I believe that I have a part in creating the unfolding of events. I think I get help along the way from co-creators like my intuition, other people, Mother Nature and my Higher Power (though I'm still fuzzy on how they we all fit together), but in the end I believe that I can choose or produce a personal course of action.

When faced with circumstances beyond my control that may not jive with my preferred choices I can still choose how to deal with them, thus creating a different experience depending on my choice.

The whole

Creative Living Experiment: where it all comes together

My Creative Living Experiment is the process of figuring out what kind of life I want to create and experimenting with different ways of bringing it into being. This blog is where I write about it.

Approached with a healthy mixture of gusto and compassion it's a journey of trial and error, observation and reflection, lessons learned and hopefully some successes. Ultimately, it's a journey in creating alignment of external circumstances with internal values.

Plus I'm an artist, I like to create things, the words flowed well and it was a natural sequel to my Urban Living Experiment. Hence the name.

It's not always all about the profound.

Tell me, what's in your blog name? Why did you choose it? Did it call out to you immediately or did it grow into itself? Does it encompass a dream, a past experience, or is it simply a reminder to stay grounded in the present?

If you feel like sharing why don't you leave your story in the comments or even better, write about it on your blog and leave me a link in the comments! I'm curious.