On Putting IT Out There...


It doesn't matter what IT is, if you don't put it out there there's not much chance of it happening right? But if you do...

~ Putting your painting/photography/writing out there, whatever that means to you, increases its chances of being seen or discovered. Keeping it hidden in your studio or on your hard drive will not.

~ Putting prices up on your Website for your art and letting people know that it's available for sale will increase the chances of someone buying it. NOT letting them know will rarely result in sales.

~ Sending that résumé brings you one step closer to getting the job. Shrugging the opportunity off as a long shot will not.

~ Telling people about your dreams and passions might result in a serendipitous connection that can help them manifest. Keeping them to yourself and dismissing them as silly will not.

~ Putting your SELF out there and authentically connecting with other people might grow your social network, deepen existing friendships or even lead to new ones. Consistently saying no to invitations or staying in your social comfort zone will not.

There are times when putting yourself out there isn't high on the priority list. I get that.

There are also times to take action or risks in the name of our dreams and goals. And micro-risks are more than acceptable! Send that email, book that coffee date, call about the rent on that perfect studio spot down the street...

Sometimes there's not a lot to lose, but oh so much to gain.

What if you gave it shot just to see what happens?


PS - After I drafted this post, a friend with whom I'd been chatting about this earlier today sent me this post from Tiny Buddha on seizing opportunity and taking chances (thank you Lala!). Check it out. Serendipity at work!