Photo Pause: New Growth (and Trust)

Another trek to my beloved Mud Lake had me seeking and capturing new growth with my camera.

I feel like I'm in the same space - a space of promise and expansion. The only difference is I suspect the seedling knows it will grow into a tree whereas I do not know where the next growth spurt will take me.

Or maybe the seedling doesn't know at all and simply trusts...

New Growth, Coral Growth

vibrant growth

New Growth, Soft Growth

soft growth

New Growth, Grounded Growth

grounded growth

Mama Pinecone and Little Ones

mama pine cone and her little ones,

nurtured growth

New Growth in Flight

growth in flight

Less Control, More Trust

Painting faces again

part of a work in progress on the art table,

painting is often a good way to quiet my mind and connect to my Higher Power


"Letting go of my insistence for immediate gratification, I relax into the better working-out of details and dimensions hidden from my view."

~ Julia Cameron, Prayers to the Great Creator

This past weekend I erased my whiteboard full of plans and to-do's to make room for Ms Cameron's words above. When I physically cringed at the first swipe of the eraser I realized just how much I needed them in full view.

These days my insistence for immediate gratification is high and my ability to relax into the better working-out of details by something bigger than myself - the Universe, my Higher Power, whatever you want to call it - is low. I'm not trusting, I'm trying to control. A lot. Frankly it's draining.

Though my chest tightens at the thought, it's time to loosen the grip. A little less control, a little more trust.

Thank you Ms Cameron for the reminder.


Are there parts of your life that could benefit from a bit of letting go? How do you feel about loosening your grip and seeing how things unfold?