Less Control, More Trust

Painting faces again

part of a work in progress on the art table,

painting is often a good way to quiet my mind and connect to my Higher Power


"Letting go of my insistence for immediate gratification, I relax into the better working-out of details and dimensions hidden from my view."

~ Julia Cameron, Prayers to the Great Creator

This past weekend I erased my whiteboard full of plans and to-do's to make room for Ms Cameron's words above. When I physically cringed at the first swipe of the eraser I realized just how much I needed them in full view.

These days my insistence for immediate gratification is high and my ability to relax into the better working-out of details by something bigger than myself - the Universe, my Higher Power, whatever you want to call it - is low. I'm not trusting, I'm trying to control. A lot. Frankly it's draining.

Though my chest tightens at the thought, it's time to loosen the grip. A little less control, a little more trust.

Thank you Ms Cameron for the reminder.


Are there parts of your life that could benefit from a bit of letting go? How do you feel about loosening your grip and seeing how things unfold?