Productivity Prompt: The Energy Line

This is the third in a series of weekly Productivity Prompts - quick, simple tips or practices gleaned from productivity-related books or blogs that have helped me better manage my work, my time, or move things forward.


This week's prompt is directly from Scott Belsky's book, Making Ideas Happen (p. 59 - thank you Mr. Belsky!).

Out of all of my readings it was the first time I saw a tool like this to help me prioritize my work and I swear I was downright giddy. Not only is it visual, but it's based on managing energy and the premise that when it comes to taking action and completing projects, energy is our "most precious commodity."

Called the energy line, it's a visual prompt to help determine how much energy each of our current projects should receive at any given time based on its relative importance.

For example, booking the caterer for next month's art show opening may need extreme focus today while putting the finishing touches on yesterday's painting can sit idle until next week.

Simply plunk your projects in the applicable columns and voilà... priorities visually identified!


Credits, references & inspiration:

  • Scott Belsky, Making Ideas Happen, Overcoming the Obstacles Between Vision & Reality. I borrowed this book from the library and within a few days it was full of sticky notes. A productivity-related book geared specifically towards creatives, it's now part of my permanent collection. I suggest you check it out.
  • I also recommend that you check out the Behance Network if you haven't yet (it was new to me). Created by Mr. Belsky's company, it's a platform for creative professionals to connect across multiple industries.