Gratitude - The Antidote to a Heavy Heart


this Buddha helps make a tiny corner of my yard feel peaceful

Because my heart feels a little heavy these days, a gratitude list to help lift my spirits... because there's always something to be grateful for.

  • sunshine and blue skies
  • D. and Cassie
  • corn on the cob + butter + salt
  • my books and home library nook
  • my local library
  • my art supplies
  • Arrested Development
  • L., and J., and J. and K., and A., and A., and J.... I could go on
  • Mud Lake, a nature lover's haven right here in the city
  • Hawk, Kingfisher and Osprey encountered at Mud Lake last Saturday
  • my little Honda Civic
  • having enough money set aside to put new ball joints on my little Honda Civic
  • a mechanic I trust
  • the sound of the rain falling outside my window
  • an upcoming road trip to New Brunswick
  • a clean kitchen counter
  • July's trip to Prince Edward County
  • my happy shoes: pink ballerina flats embroidered with fuchsia and turquoise flowers
  • my backyard Buddha
  • fresh strawberries in August, two bags of them in the freezer for January
  • Morning Pages
  • possibility
  • silence
  • this space
  • you

With gratitude,