The Truth Is...

What She Seeks, 9x12 (2009)

... I'm preparing for a change of work, but not quite sure which route I will take yet.

... I am at once exhilarated and terrified at the prospect of trying something new.

... I am at once grateful for and overwhelmed with the options before me.

... I haven't painted in several weeks. My studio and office are in the midst of organizational chaos while I purge the old to make space for the new.

... I cannot wait to escape with creative kindreds to the woods of New Hampshire next week to laugh, cry and make art.

... I believe I can be financially successful via multiple streams of income.

... I believe I will need to adjust several of my internal scripts in order to do so.

... my head is full of ideas and posts and projects for this space at Creative Living Experiment.

... I don't know where or how to start putting them into action. But I know I will.

... I am excited and nervous.

... I am supported and loved.

... I will be more than OK.