Creative Inspiration

I feel open, taking in so much information and possibility that it's sometimes overwhelming. I'm experimenting (though not always successfully) with ways to quiet the mind and ground myself, with sitting with possibility and gently exploring where it may lead.

Here are a few things, people or spaces that have been inspiring me these past few weeks...

1. Resonate by Nancy Duarte. I'm completely geeking out on this book. The graphics, the analogy to the hero's journey and the concept of being of service to the audience by guiding them through this journey fascinate me. I want to create a presentation from scratch just to try it out. Oh, and the author's design firm worked on the slides for Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth. 'Nuf said.

2. Connie Hozvicka's (of Dirty Footprints Studio) interview with Selina Barker. Selina has spent the last six months travelling Britain in her camper van, Beryl, running her coaching business and cooking up a 30 Day Challenge come October. You may choose to trade the camper van for a cabin in the woods or a cottage by the sea, but after watching this there will be no more excuses - it can be done.

3. My friend Judi's new Credible Edibles Cooking School workshops. I love watching her business evolve and grow. It inspires. Period.

4. Goddess Leonie's Business Goddess e-course. Because it's full of practical information and possibility. It makes me want to create value, community and healthy income streams.

5. This TED talk by Shea Hembrey (thanks to Miss E. of Squam Art Workshops for passing it on!). This man makes me want to go on an art-making blitz and try installation art: