Work Transition Checkpoint: 10 Weeks In

my Frida-lined whiteboard waiting for action

Has it only been 10 weeks? Time is playing tricks on me, I feel like it's been much longer than that. Here's what's been going on...


I just got back from a visit with my former colleagues at the office. I miss the peeps - the work not so much - but the peeps yes. Much.


Disillusionment hit me one Tuesday night mid-December, about six weeks after my last day at work.

D. and I were looking at our finances and discussing some long term goals that would require, well, money, and it dawned on me that I would have no paycheck coming in anytime soon to help us out.

In that moment I felt I would be the entire reason we would never own a home, buy a new car or go to Paris. Never mind having or feeding a family! My heart broke and my faith in my ability to bring in any income without a government paycheck crumpled to depths I still cannot fathom.

Disillusionment sucks.

Luckily, after sufficient tears and self-flagellation, the moment passed quickly enough and I looked to see what it had to offer. A kick in the pants is what it offered. Motivation. Action baby! The Universe let me know that it was time to take this thing seriously and make it count.

How lucky for me it hit at the six-week mark, imagine how much time would've been lost had it waited six months.


With disillusionment - or at least that first bout of it - out of the way I'm totally pumped. I'm cranking out bubble charts, notes and to-do lists. I'm getting specific with money targets and other business goals I want to achieve.

My goals for January are pretty ambitious, but I'm having a blast working on projects that make my soul sing. I can't wait to get up in the morning and start working on them. I'm getting. things. done.

That's pretty frickin' cool.


I've been walloped a few times by what I call the Trifecta of Gremlins: guilt, inadequacy and fear. After a particularly difficult sucker-punch I picked myself up, took pen to paper (ok it was keyboard to screen), and countered with what I dubbed the Trifecta of Possibility: a list of skills, assets and potential revenue streams. Take THAT gremlins.

I might dedicate an entire post to this one.


My morning routine so far: wake up, drink a glass of water, breakfast, coffee #1 + wool blanket + my Morning Pages, coffee #2 + maybe some reading or a bit of social networking, planning for the day, write or work on fun projects.

Yup. It's all good.


Till the next checkpoint...