A Year Worth Celebrating

Warning: Due to the celebratory nature of this blog post there will be an abnormal amount of exclamation points (!). Punctuation police be warned.

A few people in my family will be hitting milestones this year - significant milestones that are cause for significant celebration thus making 2012 a happy year to come!

This got me thinking, what else would be worth celebrating in 2012? Why stop at these two milestones?

So I started a list.

Working quickly I wrote down real events like birthdays and anniversaries, but then, without setting out to, I started listing events I wanted to manifest that would be cause to celebrate.

a work in progress that didn't quite make it to the finish line

I like the message

All of a sudden my list became a mixture of affirmations, visualization and already-existing events worth celebrating. It's visioning and party-planning all wrapped into one! How cool is that?

Here's what I came up with:

  • Mom & Dad's 50th wedding anniversary
  • Mom's birthday - she's hitting a major milestone this year, whoop whoop!
  • my birthday - this is the year, I want a party!
  • my blogging anniversary - 6 years baby!
  • my online shop's first sale
  • my first workshop given
  • my dating, "going steady" and wedding anniversaries with D.
  • Summer
  • other family birthdays
  • my first $1000 earned outside the government
  • my first $10000 earned outside the government
  • D.'s birthday - the big 3-5 (hee!)
  • a family gathering
  • the arrival of our new niece
  • the 5th Squam Art Workshops in New Hampshire and the friendships I've made because of it during the past four years
  • friends and family meeting goals or setting off on new adventures - Cheers to that!
  • the loss of the 12 extra pounds I've been carrying for the past year
  • losing my first 3 lbs
  • Cassie's birthday
  • Sis' first marathon - NYC or not Sis, I think this is the year
  • taking a plane for the first time in nearly 10 years - New Brunswick? New York? Paris?
  • booking my first consultation client
  • the launch of my e-book
  • seeing an article of mine published in a magazine
  • the Winter Solstice
  • Christmas
  • New Year's Eve

Wow. So many potential parties!


What are YOU going to celebrate in 2012? In addition to what's already on the schedule, are there any events you'd like to manifest that would be cause to celebrate?