On Design and Life...*

 Fancy Red Potato Peeler

my super-comfy, super-functional, red potato peeler

How many hours do you think were put into designing that red potato peeler above? What about our toothbrushes, or our shiny new phones?

Now here's food for thought: how much time and effort do we put into designing our own lives?



Living deliberately, in choice, with intention; reflecting; letting go... these are all part of my personal life design process.

Learning when to add features, adjust what's there, or remove the superfluous; knowing when to push, and when to let things unfold in their natural state.

'Tis a delicate dance.

In the end, whether we're talking about life or an ergonomic shovel, it's about creating a quality user experience with the product.

Food for thought.


Are there areas in your life that are asking for deliberate design right now?

If so, why?

* This post was brought to you by Objectified, a documentary in which various designers share insights into the design of objects we use every day (see trailer below), plus my love of taking concepts and transposing them into a different context.