Creative Play and Works in Progress

It's been a wordy and thought-heavy few weeks here, it's time for some images. Amidst the pondering and the wondering, I've been painting and making.

Here are a few pieces in progress on the easel, the table, the desktop...

Elephants (in progress)

elephants (24" x 12", in progress)

I'm not sure where to go with this one; it's percolating.

Woman Sitting (in progress)

woman sitting (24" x 36", in progress)

I loved going big on this one...

Woman Sitting (in progress)

woman sitting too (4" x 6", in progress - I think)

... then going small.

Prep Work

prep work

bulk prep work makes it soooo much easier later

Collage Fun...

collage play (both in progress)

I played with an entirely different style here, and LOVED it!

Winter Trio of Paintings

winter trio (Bundled Up, December Moon, and Holly)

soon available in the shop, in greeting card format