5-Day Challenge: Day 2 Results

In the interest of keeping myself accountable during this 5-Day Challenge I'm laying it all out here folks - the good, the bad and the downright ugly. Be gentle, 'k?

Day 2: I started with a work in progress that had been parked on the shelf since April 2011 (apologies for the bad lighting, but you'll get the gist)...

5-Day Challenge Feb. 2012 - Day 2a

5-Day Challenge Day 2 starting point

... that evolved into this, still a work in progress:

5-Day Challenge Feb. 2012 - Day 2c(1361)

5-Day Challenge Day 2 results

work in progress 8"x16" on canvas

It's similar in style to a piece I completed during my last 5-Day Challenge; I look forward to seeing where it'll go from here.

Back soon with Day 3...


It's not too late to join in. I'm telling you, it feels good!