Work Transition Checkpoint: Six Months In

Planning out the month of May

a new month, a new opportunity to get my work planning geek on!

It's been six months since I left my 9-5 job, a good round number for a work transition checkpoint don't you think?

In no particular order, here are some bits & bobs on where I'm at - headspace, insights, projects and more...

[Warning: it's a bit long.]


I don't think I've ever worked so hard. When I work it's intense because I love what I'm doing, work is often what I did for play when I was at my 9-5 job. I can easily put in a 10-hour day and go through days without taking a full day off.

That being said my body still gets tired and my mind does too. I need to listen. I need to build in breaks, days off, and find new ways to unplug completely.

It's a bit of a head-scratcher right now. I'm learning.


I'd summarize each of the first six months of my leave as follows:

NOVEMBER - Chill. All about Art Every Day Month. Wonderful!

DECEMBER - A mixed bag. Holidays, Solstice Reflections, disillusionment, raring to go, but not really a good time to start anything. A little frustrating.

JANUARY - Go, go, go. Lots of action, to-dos and insights.

FEBRUARY - Go, go, go. Lots of action, to-dos and insights.

MARCH - Crash. Sink into fear of never again making enough money to buy a tent-trailer or replace my 10-year old Honda. Savings are running out and income is minimal. Help. Some action, but at a much slower pace than the previous months. Brought intuition and painting back to the forefront. Good move.

APRIL - More painting, focus on art and updating the online shop. Letting go of my money fears - or sticking my head in the sand, still not sure which one. A little quicker pace than March, but not quite as crazy as January & February. All good.


I'm confused around my financial expectations.

Sis says that when she asked about it six months ago I didn't expect to have a salary equivalent to that of my 9-5 job at the end of the year, I told her it wasn't realistic. Now that the savings have run out I'm getting a little antsy about revenue. But I still have to be realistic. It just feels slow sometimes, that's all.

Patience, patience. And trust.


I love the projects and products I'm working on. I can't wait to start working on them in the morning.

Isn't that flippin' amazing?


My March money fears showed me that going down the what-if route and trying to control every scenario was not sustainable to my body, soul, nor to my marriage. This led me to let go a little and trust that things are unfolding as they are meant to.

My role is to take the next right action, let go and move on.

This feels a lot lighter.


I feel alive.

I am blessed.



Till the next checkpoint...