A Sunny, Restful, Soulful Vacation

I am home from my week in the woods and ever so gently easing back into my workspace, missing the lake and the loons terribly, feeling re-connected to Centre, ready to continue my journey.

For seven days D. and I were immersed in silence and nature (no TV, no radio) with no where to be and nothing needing to be done.

Graced with an idyllic lake view, six out of seven days of sunshine and all the time in the world on our hands, we spent a restorative week doing whatever the heck we wanted to do. There was swimming, hiking, fishing, reading, sitting, eating - lots of eating, and even a bit of socializing.

At least once a day I looked at D., shook my head and spoke a low, awe-filled "wow." I'd say that makes it a pretty dang good vacay.

Here are a few favourite pics, there are so many to choose from!

Cottage #2 in Morning Sun

Blissful Cottage #2 is nestled amongst the pines and birches.

Morning Cuppa on the Dock

On the first morning I enjoyed a peaceful cuppa on the dock...

Morning Paddle

... while D. went out for a paddle.

View from Blueberry Mountain

One morning we packed a thermos of coffee and rowed to the small mountain

(or very large hill) across the lake, and bushwhacked our way up to the top.

What a view! That little white dot along the shore on the bottom lake

was our floating dock.

Sunflower Dining with a View

Every meal was savoured at the sunflower table with a view...

Blueberry Moutain from the Dock

... and almost always followed by some downtime on the dock.

(That little mountain on the left is the one we climbed.)

I miss the stillness and the presence of Mother Nature tremendously, but remind myself that, while perhaps it takes a little more effort, both can be found and appreciated right here in the city:

"For before you can find peace anywhere, you must have silence and quiet in your heart and in your mind.

Then when your eyes are opened and your ears are unplugged, you will see the birds that come to perch on your porch or on the tiny handkerchief lawn that you have before your house. You will notice the lonely bush of lilacs that blooms in the neighboring yard or in a park.

Like St. Francis of Assisi, you will find many little animals and birds to talk to right where you live. What is more important, you might even learn to listen to them."

~ Catherine Doherty, foundress of Madonna House, Combermere, Ontario