Where I've Been: Moving House, Making a Home

It's a transition like no other: discombobulating, tiring and joyful, full of "hitting-the-energy-wall" moments, promise and renewal.

I left my old home kicking and screaming just a little, knowing that I would be shifting to a more car-centric lifestyle away from my beloved shops, markets and restaurants, but oh I am falling hard for our new space!

The silence, the openness of the house, the scent of the Linden tree outside our bedroom window... it all feels right. We haven't been here two weeks and already there is a sense of comfort and familiarity with the place.

These are a few favourite snapshots taken over the past few weeks, starting with the day we got the keys:

(Hover over the photo for its title, click through to Flickr for more details.)

Our New House!

Our first visit after picking up the keys at the lawyer's office <giddy> .

New House - Welcome Home!

The seller left us a lovely note on the counter, welcoming us to our new home. 

Move Day, Two Trucks

Move day. Apparently the amount of stuff we had warranted a second truck, whoopsy!

Move Day, Dining Room

The dining room on move day, starting to take shape. I LOVE the colour of the walls.

New House - Sitting Buddha

Buddha sitting under the crabapple tree, setting the tone for our space.

Post-move Studio Chaos

The initial chaos in my office/studio. It's come a long way since then! I foresee a "studio transformation" post later on, perhaps.

Evening Comfort

One of my favourite views in the house, from the upstairs landing. On this particular night it included a whole lotta comfort & cozy.

New House, Favourite Window View

Another favourite view, this time out our front window. I can sit on the couch for hours by the open window and just listen, and be. 

Best New House Ever

Finally, our highly biased opinion: "This is the best house EVER!"


I can't wait to continue making it into a home.