41st Birthday Bonanza Pause - Back Next Monday!

It's kind of a bummer to break the momentum, but this Birthday Girl is feeling under the weather.

I'm choosing to practice self-care by giving myself the gift of the rest of the week off (not easy when Birthday Girl is also a perfectionist).

But I'll be back, yes indeedy I will, because I have more good things to offer!

Join me this Monday for the rest of my 41st Birthweek Bonanza with Days 5, 6 and 7.

It'll give you time to catch up on Days 1-4 if you haven't had a chance to explore them yet, maybe even watch one of the films from Day 4 or try one of our "Keeper" recipes from Day 3?

41st Birthweek Bonanza so far:

Day 1: 4 Art Classes of Workshops That Were Pivotal In My Artistic Journey

Day 2: 7 Websites For Lifelong Learners and Creative Types

Day 3: 6 New Recipes We Tried That Made It Into the “Keeper” File

Day 4: 5 Animated Films Worth Watching If You Like Art, Music, and Stories of Hope & Heart

TTFN, see you Monday!