On taking stock and debunking stories...


I am five - now four - posts away from publishing my 1000th post.

One THOUSAND posts!

For so many years I've labelled myself as someone who didn't stick with things, it's amazing how just a few hours spent compiling some blogging stats proved me wrong - Quitter begone, make way for She Who Writes!

The stats made my accomplishment visible and blew the story I'd been telling myself right out of the water.

That's powerful stuff.


And you?

I bet you have an accumulated body of accomplishments just dying to be made visible.

Maybe it was built steadily and quietly, without much fanfare. Maybe it's just a result of "something you do." Maybe, like my friend Pauline, it's something you completed incrementally and put aside without really pulling it together as a collective.

Either way it might be fun to take some time and tally it up. You might surprise yourself with just how much you've done. You might even debunk a story or two in the process.

That's powerful stuff.