Energy, Gratitude and Possibility (What's Brewing for 2016)

These past few days I've been dreaming up projects and venturing intentions for the year to come. After a few slow and pretty contained years, I'm imagining possibility.

Did you hear that? POSSIBILI-TAY.

Meet Jasper: the Unicorn of Possibility.

Meet Jasper: the Unicorn of Possibility.

It feels absolutely invigorating!

It's all loosey goosey right now, but I kinda like it that way. It's fluid and flexible. Intentions, not resolutions.

Things will firm up when they're meant to and for the first time in a while, instead of feeling overwhelmed at the thought of stepping into action, I feel energized.

Did you hear that? ENERGIZED.

It's been so long. I'm soaking it all in, tickled pink.

Tickled pink and grateful, with a soupçon of curiosity to see where it all may lead.

An auspicious mix, if you ask me. I'll take it.


In case you're curious, below is a glimpse at what's brewing in this ol' head of mine for 2016. I'm leaving space for all of it right now, no censoring, in loosey goosey form:

  • A blogging milestone celebration. This month marks 10 years of blogging, TEN! I'm not sure what I want to do yet, but I think it merits something.
  • More massages. They help alleviate stress and anxiety. 'Nuf said.
  • Flossing. Sigh, is this the year?
  • A vacation somewhere new with D. – Barcelona? NYC? The Canadian Rockies?
  • A gentle expansion of my world to re-connect with others socially and start leaving the house again after staying close to home these past few years.
  • More walks on my own. I'd like to ramp up to where I used to be a few years ago, before the vertigo and anxiety began.
  • A local photography workshop to learn how to use D.'s DSLR. I have a photography project in mind and the knowledge could come in handy if I choose to go ahead with it.
  • More sharing of ideas and writing here, expanding and experimenting with style.
  • A series of blog posts on personal finances.
  • Continued walks in the woods to soak in the sweet healing vibes of Mother Nature. And while I'm at it, I would LOVE to see an owl. A real live owl, in the wild, not captive.
  • Continued progress on my personal financial goals, building on last year's achievements. I'd like to add an extra $2500 to my personal mad stash this year.
  • Continued progress on our joint financial goals of reducing debt and increasing Savings for Household, Cassie and Fun.
  • The creation of information products. I feel an urge to creatively package some of my ideas and tips. Maybe I'll sell them, maybe I'll use them for workshops, or maybe I'll create them just for the hell of it. For some weird reason, the thought of doing this makes me giddy.
  • In addition to exploring a new vacation destination with D. I'd like to indulge in a few smaller getaways. Montreal? Toronto? Québec City?
  • Continued decluttering, Marie Kondo style. I'm a firm believer that getting rid of things that no longer serve me will make space space for things to come – whatever that may be.
  • Morning pages and meditation. Although there've been breaks here & there, I've been doing morning pages since 1999; a few years ago I added an imperfect meditation practice. Both are good for me.
  • Continued enjoyment of known comforts: simple, homemade food, music, books, old movies and snuggle time with D. and Cassie.
  • A continued willingness to let go and let Spirit guide me into outward action. Intuition-based productivity is powerful stuff. Manifestation through head and heart, baby.
  • A retreat of some sort. I'm not sure in what form, I'm just putting it out there.
  • Finally – and this is a big one, a re-opening to the possibility of finding work that fulfills AND pays the bills, plus more. I feel a renewed smidgen of faith that the two are not mutually exclusive and I want to explore that.

Onward, I say, in spirit of discovery, flexibility and simplicity...


P.S. It feels good to dream again.