The Best Laid Plans...

Oh hello Dearest, how are you? I hope this day finds you well.

I am enjoying a peaceful and happy transition into May. Birds are building nests, the first flowers of the season are in bloom and trees are slowly but surely starting to unfurl their leaves. The scent of the white magnolia tree down the street has hit its intoxicating peak.

I am grateful.

The latter part of my April was waylaid not only by a spring cold, but by a bout of food poisoning, both of which prompted me to enter into pretty intense self-care mode these past few weeks. But I am ready to move on and the spring air makes it that much sweeter.

My moving on means that I am BACK in the game and ready to resume my Birthday List Love. You didn't think I'd leave you hanging, did you?

I'll be back shortly with List #5. In the meantime I leave you with a few snapshots from an impromptu hike D. and I took last week in a new-to-us conservation area. My first real outing after being sick, the combination of sunshine and scenery made it a blissful afternoon spent with my Love. I may have discovered a new happy place.


Back soon with List #5, stay tuned...