Prince Edward Country

Essence vs. Form

Essence: n 1 : fundamental nature or quality 2 : a substance distilled or extracted from another substance... and having the special qualities of the original substance


My thoughts are meandering this morning after a discussion with D. about dreams, possibility and change, ending up at the question of essence vs. form.


Back in July I spent a few days in Prince Edward County, Ontario, and was thoroughly smitten. The area spoke to me deeply, its strong vibes surrounding art, local food and entrepreneurship pulling me into possibility. Not to mention its location on the beautiful Lake Ontario.


I haven't stopped thinking about the place since. In fact, my experience there played a large role in my decision to transition to new work now vs. later.


But living or working there may not be available to me anytime soon so I thought I'd try abstracting what the County offered to me in July back to its essence: art, local, sustainable food, natural beauty (including a view of the water) and entrepreneurship.


Pinpointing what specific things spoke to me, I can now see if they are available in a different, more accessible form given my current circumstances.


Instead of feeling deprived I feel empowered.




How about you?


If the specific form of something you want to manifest is not readily available to you, could you let go of form and seek its essence in your current circumstances?