An Invitation...

UPDATE: WOW! Thank you so much for the amazing response to Sink Into  Slow!

Registration is now closed until the next run.

An Invitation to Sink Into Slow

Every since I wrote about sinking into Slow back in July, this idea of creating an offering around it just wouldn't. let. go.

I tried to put it aside, but it came back to me relentlessly, prodding me to play with outlines, content and images. So in the spirit of discovery, flexibility and simplicity, all the while keeping "Slow" in mind, I set about the task.

Lo & behold it is ready.

Four weeks of prompts, activities and tidbits of inspiration delivered to your inbox to help guide your personal unfolding into Slow.

Get the full deets.


PS - The first mailout goes out Monday morning so you'll want to sign up before end of day Sunday, August 4th. It's quick, I know, but this thing had a life of its own and begged to be delivered. So I made it so.