Busting Through Artistic Comfort Zones

I'm smack dab in the middle of a five-week online art course that has me perfecting my procrastination skills and busting through artistic comfort zones all at once:

Draw and Paint What You Love, by Pauline Agnew

I signed up for the course before we moved with the hopes it would serve as incentive to get my studio up and organized quickly. On Day 1 of the class I felt like smacking my head against the wall, asking myself "WTF was I thinking?!"

Thankfully, I pushed through and engaged.  

I am tired, I am intimidated and I'm becoming an expert at procrastination when faced with new techniques that scare me. In fact, this very blog post is procrastination in action!

I'm also connecting with wonderful people, moving through artistic fears and learning a LOT.

All of this and I'm not even done Week 3.

I leave you with a photo essay of my journey so far...
New Art Class, New Supplies

new art class, new supplies <giddy> 

Adventures in Mark Making

adventures in mark making, this piece has changed considerably since the photo 

Intentional Mark Making

more mark making, this time intentional vs. intuitive 

Blind Contour Drawing Experiment

blind contour drawing of my hand, a first for me 

First Charcoal Selfie Ever (sans glasses)

a charcoal portrait of yours truly - sans glasses, another first 

First "Realistic" Figure Painting Ever

first ever figure painting based on a photo, huzzah!

Water Colours in Waiting

 water colours in waiting for another lesson that intimidates me, procrastination through photography


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