Sink Into Slow

Slow down, live fully.

These past few weeks have rich and full, but in a slow and gentle kind of way. I’ve been…

.:. Resting

.:. Sitting

.:. Napping

.:. Puttering

.:. Painting

morning mark making from earlier this week - I love the soft palette, we'll see if it stays

.:. Embracing the sun and the spring

.:. Snapping photographs

.:. Birdwatching

.:. Reading

.:. Dipping my toes into entrepreneurial thoughts again

.:. Journalling

.:. Trying to eat well

.:. Listening to birdsong, silence, my intuition

.:. Fluctuating between action and rest

.:. Walking in the woods, a lot

this woodland trail is one of my happy places

.:. Exploring possibility

.:. Dreaming of a trip to Spain and a new car

.:. Thinking of ways to create revenue so I can go to Spain, and buy a new car

.:. Worrying

.:. Acknowledging

.:. Fearing

.:. Letting go (practicing!)

.:. Saying no, saying yes

.:. Celebrating a two-year-old’s birthday

.:. Waxing nostalgic over last year’s trip to Paris, we left one year ago this weekend

.:. Discovering a new season in our home

we have Scilla naturalized in our backyard, it's so delicate

.:. Toying with the idea of rekindling some of my consulting & mentoring offerings

.:. Shifting expectations

.:. Plugging away not-so-patiently at my financial goals

.:. Cheering those who are taking baby steps and leaps toward their dreams and goals

.:. Envying those who are taking baby steps and leaps toward their dreams and goals

.:. Wondering why the envy, what it means, and what I could differently to address it

.:. Anticipating this e-course focused on painting expressive landscapes

.:. Lingering in moments, days, afternoons

The take-away from this story?

Because even when things seem slow there's a lot going on. Slowing the pace simply allows us to notice it all.

But don't take my word for it, try it and come up with your own list. I bet it'll be longer than you think.

With Slow at the Forefront

Queen in Waiting

With Slow at the forefront... 


.:. the rap-tap-tap of the woodpecker becomes an object of fascination

.:. intuition is heard

.:. stuff comes up for processing

.:. days feel more calm, and grounded

.:. there's time for bike rides and walks in the woods

.:. things get done

.:. time stands still

.:. the moon enchants

.:. the pine trees whisper

.:. food is savoured

.:. the morphing of the evening sky from ice to indigo becomes the best show in town

.:. $hit still happens, but

.:. flow happens too, which makes dealing with the former a lot easier

.:. conversations are had with complete strangers

.:. art gets made

.:. projects incubate

.:. moments unfold


This month's journey into Slow is being good to me.

Wishing you moments unfolding,