With Slow at the Forefront

Queen in Waiting

With Slow at the forefront... 


.:. the rap-tap-tap of the woodpecker becomes an object of fascination

.:. intuition is heard

.:. stuff comes up for processing

.:. days feel more calm, and grounded

.:. there's time for bike rides and walks in the woods

.:. things get done

.:. time stands still

.:. the moon enchants

.:. the pine trees whisper

.:. food is savoured

.:. the morphing of the evening sky from ice to indigo becomes the best show in town

.:. $hit still happens, but

.:. flow happens too, which makes dealing with the former a lot easier

.:. conversations are had with complete strangers

.:. art gets made

.:. projects incubate

.:. moments unfold


This month's journey into Slow is being good to me.

Wishing you moments unfolding,