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A Year Ago This Month

sunset at Westboro Beach, Ottawa (August 2010)

I thought it would be fun to comb the archives and pull out a few favourite posts from this time last year. Funnily, most of these are still relevant today.

I hope they are for you too...

Permission to Simplify - It seems I was keeping things simple and OK with it, wondering what YOU could give yourself permission to simplify that day. The question remains: What could you give yourself permission to simplify today?

What's in a Name (or A Near-Manifesto) - In case you're curious, the story behind the name of my blog, Creative Living Experiment. This is one of my favourite posts.

Simplicity for Complexity's Sake - "I'm exploring and entertaining thoughts about stuff like trust, fear, roots, silence, gratitude, right work, nature, spirituality, practice, patience, compassion, surrender, money, control, values, worthiness and self-esteem." Whoa. I guess giving myself permission to simplify also gave permission to a lot of stuff to come up!

The Life You Crave - A quick quote from Tama Kieves via Barbara Winter on creating the life you crave. It still rings true today.